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May 16th  - July 10th  • Museo Diocesiano di Santa Maria dei Servi (PG)

FANTOMASSOZ (TEMPIO de NEROZ) opens a new series of contemporary art projects connected with the activity of Il Giardino dei Lauri. The most important and acclaimed artists of the youngest international generation will create site specific works for the church. Jonathan Meese will present a new body of work including sculptures and paintings. As he said, “I am a humble servant of art and as such am happy to be a guest at Santa Maria dei Servi“ A large painted curtain opens the show to introduce the spectators to the artist’s universe. Meese decided to create a theatre stage. Four paintings representing the guardians of Art will be placed in the seventeenth century oval stucco frames. In front of the major altar three sculptures sit on a large painted pedestal; a mother-child group related to an Egyptian Isis sculpture is flanked by two sculptures of guards. Directly behind the altar sit two smaller sculptures symbolizing a real and metaphorical path toward the new family of art, the Future.

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