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The Massimo Lauro Collection

Il Giardino dei Lauri is the space dedicated to contemporary art created by Neapolitan art collectors Angela and Massimo Lauro to exhibit a part of their personal collection, currently featuring around 300 pieces.


The Lauro Collection – started in 1990 with the first acquisitions of Conceptual Art, then increased with the most significant exponents of Neo-Geo movement, Post human group and major authors of American photography – includes artworks by major protagonists of the national and international contemporary art scene, representing an extraordinary narrative through the most recent experiments in visual arts.


With the same passion, curiosity and intuition that guided his choice of pieces Massimo Lauro now displays – in a fascinating industrial building located on the green  border between Umbria and Tuscany - their most recent acquisitions: more than 70 pieces by the most representative talents of the latest generation, predominantly from Italy, the USA, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Poland, which document expressive evolution and technical experimentation of the last years.


A dynamic expository space, Il Giardino dei Lauri is also a non-profit organization that, together with continuous commissions and new acquisitions, and also housing artistic projects and performances and organizing events in external spaces, intends to develop its vocation as a propelling international center for contemporary culture in Umbria and Tuscany.

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