June 9th  - August 10th, 2012

Invernomuto (www.invemomuto.info) was bom in 2003 as an audio-video experimentation group. Focusing on collapsing and the integrating of languages, the group works on oversize productions like the editorial project ffwd mag. Producing videos, projectmg live-media performances and organising special events ancf projects, the group shows its interest on the relation between images and sounds. Holedigger - Mud Reductions is an ephemer monument, an homage at hole making in the garden. It's a celebration of the fall, where the important is not the fall itself, nor the landing, rather the mud baptism.


In collaboration with mudboy (www.mudboymusic.com)

Art At Work (www.artatwork.it)

Art At Work is a project by liana Bonacossa, Paola Clerico, Luca Conzato, liana Glanni, Riccardo Ronchi, Francesco Stocchi.

credits foto: Moira Ricci