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June 9th  - August 10th, 2012 • Museo Diocesiano di Santa Maria dei Servi (PG)

Il Giardino dei Lauri and Città della Pieve are proud to announce Clouds in Trousers, a solo show by Tom Burr at the Museo Civico Diocesano di S. Maria dei Servi in Città della Pieve from June 9th to August 10th 2012. The American artist, whose work is included in the Il Giardino dei Lauri Collection, will present the large installation Gravity moves me, which was recently exhibited in his solo show at the Champagne-Ardenne FRAC, as well as a series of new works conceived and created specifically for the space. Just as Jonathan Meese and Aaron Young exploited the unique potential of the space (exhibitions, 2010), Tom Burr will produce four new Bulletin Boards for the empty Baroque stuccos. Screen, a work made up of six panels presenting an opaque side in wood and a shiny side in Plexiglass, will be positioned in front of the altar of the evocative church room. Burr’s Screens are among his most iconic work: just like any folding screen they obstruct the view, but at the same time allow the viewer to glimpse what is behind them, thus alluding to the sexual sphere, as well as to ideas of seeing/being seen/hiding.

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