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June 18th  - September 19th

You can run but you can't hide continues the new series of contemporary art projects connected with the activity of Il Giardino dei Lauri. The most important and acclaimed artists of the youngest international generation will create site specific works for the Santa Maria dei Servi Museum space. After Jonathan Meese, Young is the second artist invited to interact with the most beautiful example of the Baroque period in Città della Pieve. The church, which opened to the public in March of 2009, also houses “The deposition from the cross“, an important and surprising work painted by Pietro Perugino. Aaron Young, who is included in the “Il Giardino dei Lauri Collection”, is considered one of the most important artists of his generation and his work features elements taken from street culture, urban themes and social divide. After the two different projects realized for the Macro and Teatro di Marcello in Rome, the American artist presents a show of new works realized especially for this exhibition, works that juxtapose his interest for urban culture and this jewel like country church. A series of steel, vandalized barricades then dipped in 24 kt gold; abstract “Jesus” paintings placed in the original stucco frames; endless columns of nails and screws; a symbolically positioned video and a new audio work.

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